@Spawno Yes, I am going to post more details about my journey.

I heard yesterday that MAVNI program is officially closed. :sob: I am sorry that you did not make it. You must be disappointed a lot... I don't know how to encourage you because it is such a shocking news. I understand how It could impact life's decisions significantly. But keep your head up. There will be other opportunities. Stay strong!

Just for future reference, you will have a eye counsel and the doctor submits a waiver with your results. Then they decided whether to approve your wavier or not. That could take 2 weeks to months. Once the waiver is approved, you are good to go. You go to the MEPs and enlist.

When signing my contract, I had only two MOSs available for me. One was located far from where I live. So I had to choose 12K, which is plumber. Since I am an engineer, I think I will enjoy fixing and building pipes.

I wish you best of luck.