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    Let's start with some acronyms and their meanings:

    ASVAB → Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
    TAPAS → Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System
    MEPS → Military Entrance Processing Station
    MOS → Military Occupational Specialties (your job)


    ASVAB is a military exam you’ll need to take in order to determine your eligibility in the Army & to determine your qualifying MOS’s. There are different test areas to determine your different line scores. AFQT score is only needed to see if you can enlist in the army or not. It’s your line scores that determine which MOS you may be able to think about. Notice I said think about, not get. You’ll take the real ASVAB at MEPS.

    Here are the different test areas of ASVAB

    1. General Science → Life science (biology), earth & space science, and physical sciences like chemistry or physics
    2. Arithmetic Reasoning → Solving calculating related questions
    3. Word Knowledge → How good is your vocabulary? Word meanings through synonyms
    4. Paragraph Comprehension → Read paragraphs, answer questions based on information given from the paragraphs
    5. Mathematics Knowledge → Conceptual mathematics questions
    6. Electronics Information → Circuits, currents, and systems related
    7. Auto and Shop Information → Automotive parts, functions, how to repair, and etc
    8. Mechanical Comprehension → “Knowledge of the principles of mechanical devices, structural support, and properties of materials
    9. Assembling Objects → put shapes together and test your spatial abilities. (Can be tricky)

    Your AFQT score will only be determined based on your scores from Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge. Again, keep in mind that AFQT score is typically used to determine whether you’re eligible to join the Army or not. U.S. Army is selective, and does not need individuals who score lower than the requirement. Although not always true, typically, higher AFQT = more options of MOS’s to choose from as long as they’re available.

    For instance, having an AFQT score of 75 means the examinee performed as well as or better than the 75% of the nationally representative sample of 18-23 year old reference group. If 90, 90%. You cannot get a score of 100. Someone would score perfect score, and you can’t do better than them. There are no “extra credit questions” in ASVAB. Believe me. Do well on
    ASVAB, and your career exploration will be much easier.

    After taking the ASVAB, you’ll be given a paper with your AFQT score and different line scores. Different MOS looks at different line scores. It’s your job to see if you’re eligible for that job. Please refer to this link to see MOS’s that are available to MAVNI. The reason for this is that some MOS’s require security clearance, which MAVNIs can’t initially obtain. After opening that file, look under the tab “ASVAB” to see the required line score type and value.


    TAPAS is a personality test to to identify whether the morals and characteristics of the candidate is compatible with the values of the Army. Unless you seem greatly unfit, you’ll pass this. If you have friends and have good social life, chances are you’ll be fine. Even if you don’t, don’t worry too much. Your recruiter will know if you’re unfit. For MAVNI, you do not have to pass the TAPAS test

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