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  • Thanks for the update. Does this only apply to existing applications or are new applications being accepted? Recruiters appear to be of the opinion that MAVNI remains closed but the press release not only implies that they are trying to salvage the program but that they have amended entry requirements.

    Some guidance would be highly appreciated.

  • this is really humiliating and outrageous! so that means we have to wait 6 months in service after basic training before we get our citizenship?
    am I right?

  • @SPCaljabery
    At least all our waiting is still paying off.

  • @bale during these 6 months we could be killed in action and our families still not citizen and they may even issue a new regulations that prevent them from getting it! someone who is super racist is handling this obviously!

  • That is totally not possible even with the scenario you laid out. There is intense training before one is deployed (360 days worth of training after BcT and AIT)especially if it is a combat zone. Putting one inexperienced person into a dangerous position with others will compromise the whole battalion. Nobody signs up to die, they sign up to serve. If this scenario plays out even as you said it would, the United States Military would take a major hit, especially during a time when they struggle to put enough people in; this is the last PR they need. Stay in shape, stay positive and honestly this is more like mass hysteria; there is nothing to worry about. People have started getting results to CI interviews back and once this is through, there will be nothing that can bar us from serving in the armed forces and be part of this wonderful country.

  • If the person has green card and after security clearance is that means I can ship or not. Because article doesn't say much about. Thank you

  • @zmiika22 There will still be a quick MSSD(Military Service Suitability Determination) before you can ship.

  • @bale how long it might take? I hope not up to 1 year as in the article? I'm hoping to ship out as scheduled.

  • @zmiika22 MSSD should take no more than a week. Then, a ship date will be assigned based on your MOS that shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days. So to sum up the whole thing, you will be in reception in less than 10 business days after successful completion of NIAC,SSBI and CI. Good luck!

  • @zmiika22 Just so you know, media is not our friend. They thrive on exacerbating the boundaries of truth to an appeasing equilibrium for the gentle ears of the common man for this great country we are going to serve.

  • @bale can you walk me through the whole process? I'm really confused. My recruiter told me I don't ship for not, because that's a new policy. My security checking in process or something like that.

  • @zmiika22 The truth is your recruiter has the power to only know whether CI is pending or closed. The adjudication of that clearance is what he or she is waiting on. As soon as that is done with, your clearances are sent to MEPS, where a quick MSSD is processed and your MOS is retrieved, along with an updated contract for final signature and then your ship date will be reveled based on the availability of seats for the AIT of your MOS.

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