MAVNI Step 4 - Physical Exam

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    This is part a lot of people are afraid of believe it or not. In fact, they actually shouldn’t be too worried unless they had serious medical conditions such as surgery. Again, your recruiter will provide specific details as to medical waivers that you may need, if necessary.

    It’s important that everyone who intend to enlist in the U.S. Army meeet certain physical requirements. The reason for this is because it’s important to make sure the enlistee can safely make it through the Basic Training (or bootcamp as some call it). On the day of the physical exam, you’ll wake up early in the morning, before 5:00AM for sure. When enlistee are transported to MEPS, they will meet different physicians and technicians for various exams including, but not limited to, hearing, vision, anus, and etc. It’s sort of like family doctor checkup, but military standard. Expect long waiting and countless hours of sitting.

    Keep in mind that you’ll go over all the possible health issues with your recruiter before you get to MEPS. Don’t leave anything out because you don’t want to disclose something new at MEPS that you didn’t tell your recruiter.

    Applicants will undergo following examinations:

    1. Height & weight measurements → Each branch of the military has its own height and weight measurements. Weight is important, but your BMI is just as important.
    2. Hearing and vision examination → Colorblind? Has hearing issues? Let’s find out.
    3. Drug, alcohol, & blood tests → Have you smoked substances or consumed alcohols? Are you HIV positive? Hmm…. Remember, there’s pregnancy test for ladies. If you had substance abuse, be honest with your recruiter and MEPS physicians about it. If found out later, there will be huge consequences.
    4. Balancing, skeletal, and muscular checking → simple balancing tests and flexibility exams will be given to you. Are your joints capable of swinging in full motion? Duck walk is also something you’ll do here.
    5. Not sure if ladies do this, but for males, your anus will be checked. Yes, you will spread out your butt in front of them.
    6. Doctors will also examine you for hemorrhoids and hernia.

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