MAVNI Step 5 - OPI

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    OPI → Oral Proficiency Interview

    As a MAVNI applicant, you have to take something called OPI to meet your “proficient in one of critical language other than English” requirement. This is an oral interview test, and this will typically be taken over the phone.

    MAVNI applicants must obtain a rating of 2 or higher to qualify. The key for this interview is to use native vocabularies and have smoothly flowing conversation with the interviewer.
    They’ll usually start out with things like how you’re doing or things that are related to your daily activity. They may also ask current event questions relating to different fields such as economy, unemployment, and your opinion on a solution that can resolve the issue. You may also be put in different types of scenarios where you’ll act out as a character. They’ll evaluate on how you’ll respond in different scenarios. It may be things like, you just got into a car accident and you clearly know that the fault lies in another person’s hand. What would you do?
    Expect the score to be received within a week at most unless there are some backloggs. Remember, using English vocabularies in your conversations will negatively impact your rating. A good way to practice for OPI is to practice the language with a native speaker in different topics. If you can fluently speak the language with a native speaker, you’re good to go.

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  • How long do you have to wait to retake it when you fail the test?

  • @eqsnn 6 months..:cry:


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