MAVNI Step 6 - Enlist (Contract)

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    When everything looks good, you then head back to MEPS to get your contract done and swear in. For active, you enlist into delayed entry program with MOS 09B + placeholder shipdate of 1 year from contract. AFTER favorable NIAC & SSBI, you return to MEPS to renegotiate your MOS & shipdate. This is because favorable results are required for all from now on.

    Active Duty: These soldiers are full-time soldiers

    • Minimum years: 4 years of active service, rest IRR. Typically, long AIT = long service length.
      1. The length of active service depends on the MOS that you choose.
      2. Inactive ready reserve is where you’re honorably discharged and “stay ready” until called back. You’re not paid or provided any compensations during this time. However, if the Army needs you, you’ll be called back.
      3. If the number of your active service is 5 years, then your IRR will be 3 years


    1. MOS
      • Active duty are full-time soldiers. It only makes sense that active duty personnel will spend more time practicing their MOS.
      • More options and availalbitity when it comes to MOS choosing
      • Full-time job
    1. Looking for a full-time job in the time of high unemployment? Welcome to the Army.
      -- Pay/Benefits
      • Full-time jobs typically have higher pay + higher benefits provided.
      • Better education benefits → Montgomery GI Bill & Post 9/11 GI Bill
      • Deployment: As a full-time soldier, you may have the chance to be stationed outside the U.S.


    1. Full-time soldier: if you would like to keep another job while serving, this isn’t it for you. You spend all your time in the Army if you want to become an active service soldier.

    Active Reserve: These soldiers are part-time soldiers

    • Minimum years: 6 years of reserve service & 2 years of IRR


    • Part time
      • You get to serve this country AND have a civilian life on the side. If you would like to finish your education, such as college while serving, this may be better fit.
      • Duty Station
      • Your duty station will be close to where you enlisted. Means you don’t have to be stationed 200+ miles away from your home. But doesn’t mean it would be less than 50 miles.


    • MOS
      • Since your duty station will be limited to the one near you, whatever that duty station needs will be your only options when choosing the MOS
    • Full-time job
      • Looking for a full-time job? Well this is a part-time job
    • Pay/Benefits
      • Lower than the active duty due to being a part-time soldier.
      • Lower education benefits → Selected Reserve GI Bill
      • Deployments (Well, you would think they won’t, but they deploy just as much as active duty do!)

    When going into MEPS to choose your MOS after favorable NIAC & SSBI, highly recommended to have a list of top 20 MOS’s you want. Research research research! However, go in MEPS with an open mind. Check out all the available MOS for MAVNIs. The jobs you’re offered will be based on three factors.

    1. Active Duty or Active Reserve?
    2. Line score?
    3. Availability of the MOS during the time you look up the job. If it was available 30 seconds before the contract and someone took it before you take it, IT’S NOT AVAILABLE ANY LONGER.

  • As a MAVNI reserve future soldier, I get to pick my MOS when I signed my contract and is now drilling monthly. Is this a temporary placeholder or does this mean that my SSBI and NIAC was approved that I was able to pick my SSBI even though I haven't gone to BCT and AIT?


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