Enlisting this Wednesday

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    I am going to enlist the army as MAVNI applicant this Wednesday. When I officially enlist in the army, I will share my experience in detail from beginning to enlistment. I had two obstacles to overcome. One was that I had to retake TAPAs and the other one was that I had to get a waiver for my vision. Now everything is cleared and I am ready to enlist in few days. Please wish me luck!

  • GOOD LUCK ! I'm taking my OPI next Monday . Do you know how long will take to get the result ? I was reading that slots left for MAVNI are very limited. I hope I'm gonna make it.
    Any advice for OPI and idea about MOS offered will be very appreciated !!

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    @Spawno It usually take a day or two to get the result. I got the result the day after.

    For OPI test, there is nothing to worry about if you are a native speaker. Just do not use any English words and be confident. Go over this post one more time, OPI. The questions can be difficult but don't be intimidated and speak what you think clearly. My friends and I thought the test was hard but we all passed and you will pass, too!

    For MOS, you only get one or two options. All of my friends had only few options to choose from. One took the truck driver MOS only because if offers more bonus. I assume I will get only few options to choose, too. I will pick the best when I see the options.

    I heard the slots are running out. I hope you make it! Best of luck!

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