Can I apply if I had multiple visa status?

  • Hi,
    Can you please advise if I can apply for MAVNI if I have been in US for 2 years without absence for more than 90 days.First I had b-1 visa for 1 year and then obtained j-1 (this type of visa mentioned as eligible in general requirements) and have it within 1 year as well,and will be j-1 visa holder at the time of enlistment?

  • @terracotta Yes, you can apply for MAVNI. As long as you can prove that you legally resided in the US continuously for two years without any gap(meaning when you switch your visa, there was no gap in between. If there was, it shows that you did not LEGALLY reside in the US), you should be fine. All applicants must be in one of the following categories at the time of their enlistment, which you are. Contact a local recruiter and start applying. Some recruiters may not process you because there is very limited time left for MAVNI program and they assume that you will not make it. Then find a recruiter who will start the process with you. The MAVNI program can be renewed for another year. Good luck!

  • I think he needs to be under j-1 for 2 years to be qualify and not under two different status combined. Check with a recruiter

  • @mavniman Thank you:)

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