Underweight Problems

  • I am a skinny girl and I've been struggling to put on weight. I already went to the Army recruitment office near where I'm living for the MAVNI program. All my documents were submitted and complete, except that they can't start processing my application until I reached the ideal minimum weight for my height which is 97-100lbs. I am a 5'2 skinny girl weighing only 93 lbs. Is there a way that I can start my application while gaining weight? I am pressured cause the Sgt told me that the MAVNI program will permanently end in 3 weeks and that there may not be enough slots. Any insights on this? Thank you

  • Recruiter

    @slimgirl You can definitely do your ASVAB Test, finish your SF86 and OPI. Try to get some weight as soon as possible, get to a good weight before doing your physical. By no means I'm telling you to do this but one of my applicants gain almost 9 pounds in 8 days eating a lot of rice before going to bed. Good luck.

  • @SSG-Abreu Thanks for the advice. I'm Asian so I eat a lot of rice in every single meal, unfortunately that trick is not very effective to me.lol anyway Would you know if they'll have a MAVNI program next year? thank you

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