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    Most of MAVNIs rely on the Facebook MAVNI page for information due to the lack of its own website/forum. Although the Facebook page is easy to use, it has issues as the followings:

    • Contents not searchable by Google
    • Hard to search old posts
    • Posts are not categorized
    • Facebook account is required
    • Descriptive & important info are usually in pdf, xls file and you have to download it to see the info.
    • Cannot include a file within text and more..

    MAVNI Center is created to resolve the issues and serve prospect and current MAVNIs independent from any other social networks. All users will be able to post information, upload images and documents and search by subject. The website will be constantly updated to meet the needs. Please use it well for your benefits.

    Just one favor to ask.
    This website is public and free. Please be cool.
    MAVNI Center will follow the rule from the MAVNI Facebook Page.

    Even though this is not an official website of the US military, no obscenities here please. Keep it civil or else your comments will be deleted and you may be banned. Also, please note that the persons posting information here are volunteers and may or may not work for the US military. This website is public, however, so information you post here will be forwarded to military authorities if it appears that you are posting evidence of activity that violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice or other military laws and regulations.

    If you are currently serving in the military and have complaints about your commander or treatment in your unit, you should bring those complaints to the attention of the appropriate authorities or use your chain of command to bring those complaints to the attention of the Army leadership. The volunteers who set up this site do not have authority to investigate your complaints directly. This site is an informational site only, not a venue for filing complaints that should be filed with the Inspector General or other military authorities.
    Please also keep in mind that material you post here--if you are in the US military--could be used to support charges against you or others under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, such as charges of "conduct unbecoming an officer," "disrespect to a superior commissioned officer," or the general article, Article 134, which covers "conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces." Again, please be respectful and considerate of others in your postings, and realize that the entire world can read what you post. If your posts and/or comments are inappropriate or offensive in nature then you will be permanently banned without notice from this group. This includes posting obscene words or phrases here even if they are not directed at specific people.

    Also, this group is for the benefit of all individuals interested in MAVNI so English ONLY please on all comments and posts. Any non-English posts or comments will be deleted without notice. If you wish to communicate with others in a foreign language please do so via private messaging or another medium. Repeat offenders will be banned from this page. And ABSOLUTELY no solicitations. All of those types of posts will be deleted and banned immediately. Thank you for your cooperation!

    If you would like to know if you are qualified for the MAVNI program, check out MAVNI Step 1 - General Requirements.

    All the Best,

  • Thank you for this fantastic website. It looks very clean and the information included is accurate and to the point.

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