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  • Hey guys,

    I'm really glad that I stumbled upon this awesome MAVNI forum. I've been researching about the MAVNI program and learning bits of applications process.

    This forum explains a lot to me in terms of application process.

    I have a question about the background check for MAVNI applicant. I heard that they will check your background before you sign your contract. They will send some people to go to your neighborhood and ask people whom you list in your application as your friends or someone you know from your college or neighborhood. I'm wondering if you have any experience of that process, would you mind sharing when that happens?

    When exactly do they start checking your background? After you're done all the tests? ASVAB, Physical? or before you sign your contract?

    Do they inform that they will check?

  • @Zen For the background check, I divided it into two processes, before signing your contract & after signing your contract.

    Before Signing your Contact

    They only check your criminal history before you sign your contact. You will have to provide your finger prints and disclose all your records including smalls things like traffic violation or parking tickets. They do not start their investigation until you sign your contract.

    After Signing your contract

    They start their investigation after you signing your contact. Here is when they call your friends and neighbors for the reference. You will have an interview with them too.

    I hope this was helpful! :)

  • Thank you, mavniman.

    That's clear to me.

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