MY MAVNI experience - Part I

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    Hello MAVNIs,

    Even though MAVNI program is closed, I wanted to share my experience enlisting the US Army through MAVNI program. So when it reopens again, it could help people who are interested in the program and get the idea of how the process is like.

    My Background

    I am currently a graduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering in NYC. My expected graduation is in Dec 2016. As my graduation was getting closer, I was more worried about my immigration status and working in the US.

    How I found out about MAVNI program

    In April 2016, I was in the library studying and doing HW. I got tired of studying and went to Craig's list website to take a break. That was where I found out about MAVNI program. After few hours of research, I finally got some idea of what it is. I could not figure out whether I am eligible for MAVNI program or not. The most confusing part of this program was about having to be a healthcare professional. I needed more explanation.

    The main two questions were the followings:

    1. Whether I can be on the US Army reserve for MAVNI program.
    2. If I have to be a healthcare professional in order to be qualified.

    Calling the recruiter

    I wanted more information about MAVNI program. I went to the US Army website and found the contact info for a local office, which was on Chambers St in Manhattan. I called them and asked questions about MAVNI program. The officer answered every question I had and asked me questions to verify my eligibility. Luckily, I was eligible for the program.

    I found that

    1. I do not have to go active duty for MAVNI program, meaning that I can go reserve.
    2. I did not have to be a healthcare professional to be qualified.

    Talking to my family about MAVNI program

    After I was told that I was qualified to start my process, I had to talk to my parents about the program. I had to ask how they thought about the program. They all thought it was a great program and wanted me to do it.

    Visiting the local office

    I visited the local office on Chamber St in Manhattan with the all the necessary documents. I brought my passport from my country, social security card, id, and I-94. When I got there, I could meet with the recruiting officer who I talked on the phone a few days ago. He went through every step of the process and wanted me to take a practice ASVAB test. The result came out to be pretty good. The officer told me that he will submit the G-845 to verify my VISA status. Two days later, I got the results and I was good to go. Then the officer scheduled an ASVAB test for the week after.

    Going to the MEPs(Military Entrance Processing Station) for the ASVAB test

    A week later, I went to the recruiter's office for my ASVAB test. The officer gave me a form to fill out. Then he drove me to the MEPs in Ft. Hamilton, Brooklyn NY. My bag and cellphone were not allowed in the building so I left them in the locker. They also had to take my fingerprint. I went to the ASVAB office and waited like 10 mins. Some officer came out and let me into the office. There were like 30 desktop computers and people were taking ASVAB tests in front of them. I handed in the form then I was assigned to one computer to take the test. When I am done with the test, I got my result right after. My recruiting officer came to pick me up and it all went well, nothing special.

  • As a MAVNI reserve future soldier, I get to pick my MOS when I signed my contract and is now drilling monthly. Is this a temporary placeholder or does this mean that my SSBI and NIAC was approved that I was able to pick my SSBI even though I haven't gone to BCT and AIT?

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    @FSSPC If you are on active duty, you get a placeholder. As a reserve soldier, you get to pick your MOS when you sign your contract.

  • @admin what happened next?

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    @BLMADHUKUMAR Please wait for the part 2. It will be posted soon.

  • @admin Whar Visa you are currently on? Is you visa unexpired OR expired w/ approved I-797?
    My H1B VISA is expired but I have approved & current I-797 till next year. Will that be ok to meet eligibility requirement for Mavni program?

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    @ketan.dosi I had a valid status with an approved I-797 when I applied. I believe it is okay as long as the approved I-797 is not expired.

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