FY2017 MAVNI Program Updates

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    What is MAVNI?

    MAVNI(Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest) is a pilot recruiting program offered by the U.S. military in an effort to search for individuals with critical language and cultural skills in certain kind of languages. This program was designed in a way to allow legal non-citizens to join the US Army in exchange for expedited U.S. citizenship. The eligibility changes over time and it is important to check new updates for the following year.

    The MAVNI program is extended for 2017 but it currently suspended. It means that the program is not open now and the US army is not accepting new applicants for MAVNI. From the 12/02/2016 update, We only know that it will open again once they complete the revisions of the implementation plan for FY 2017.

    11/2017 Update
    The MAVNI soldiers are getting the shipping date.

    06/2017 Update

    June 2017- MAVNI Updates During a USAREC town hall meeting

    03/10/2017 Update

    The 03/10/2017 MAVNI Program Updates from the USAREC town hall meeting

    There was no update from this meeting but they will have some updates in a couple of weeks.

    01/19/2017 Update

    The 2017 MAVNI Program Updates During a USAREC town hall meeting on 01/19/2017

    MG Snow talks about the latest updates about the MAVNI program 2017 during a URSARECT town hall meeting on 01/19/2017.

    12/02/2016 Update

    There is new announcement from DHS about MAVNI 2017 being suspended

    The U.S. Army will not accept MAVNI applications for FY 2017 until they complete the revisions of the implementation plan for FY 2017.
    Detail: http://mavnicenter.com/topic/54/new-announcement-from-dhs-about-mavni-2017-being-suspended

    11/29/2016 Update

    Deferred Action for MAVNI & the MAVNI Program 2017

    On Sep 30, 2016, there were two DoD memos about the MAVNI 2017.

    MAVNI memo #1 : This memo is about deferred action for mavni enlistees who fell out of their immigration status. It happened already, please refer to this link.

    MAVNI memo #2: This memo is about the MAVNI program 2017.

    According to the memo, the allocations for the maximum number of annual accessions will be:

    • Army -1200
    • Navy - 65
    • Marine Corps -65
    • Air Force - 70

    Language: Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages are not included in the language category.

    If you want more detailed information, please read the document.

    Reference: https://www.lexisnexis.com/legalnewsroom/immigration/b/insidenews/archive/2016/11/29/dod-mavni-memos-sept-2016.aspx?sthash.tm6qR7WE.mjjo

    09/02/2016 Update

    MG Snow Answers Questions About the 2017 MAVNI Program

    If the MAVNI program opens again, it will likely open in May 2017. Let's keep hope alive.

    Ok next question.
    Alright sir and this next one has been asked by several folks as well, do you know if the Army MAVNI Program will reopen for FY 17?
    Ok, I could answer this one too but I’m getting tired of hearing myself talk, so I’m going to ask Mr. Todd Sherman to weigh in and answer this one.
    So I start by saying as you know, the MAVNI Program is suspended now we’ve hit our 5000 allocations for FY 16 and it was a pilot program that expired in 2016.
    So we while we believe it may open in fiscal year 17, what I would like to share with you is that we just had the DOD IG office, up in the G3 asking some questions regarding the processes (how MAVNIs are processed).
    For security reasons, that investigation isn’t due to be completed until May of 2017. So I wouldn’t anticipate it being open anytime before then.
    I suspect that when it does open it’ll be not used as an accessions tool. In other words not used just to put 5k in the Army and Army Reserve, more geared towards what initially came out as and that was Military Assessions Vital National Interest.
    Which means they had a language that the Army could use. So I think it’ll be geared towards cap a number of per language for us to be able to put in.

    Reference: http://mavnicenter.com/topic/47/mg-snow-answers-questions-about-the-2017-mavni-program

    How to prepare for MAVNI 2017

    Please visit http://mavnicenter.com/category/8/information

  • Is there any update on MAVNI fy 2017 program?

  • Admin

    No update yet. We will find out soon.

  • @Chinmay2988To all who would like to participate in MAVNI 2017!!!
    Please sign and share the petition to the President of the United States: https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-reopen-mavni-program-fy-2017

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    If the MAVNI program opens again, it will likely open in April 2017. Let's keep hope alive.

  • Since Trump got elected, I expect it will be very unlikely open again.

  • Hey Admin . Can I ask where did you get the "April" from ? I seen someone said that in FB forum also.
    Any other official memo about the MAVNI program ? the FB is so confusing last time I checked :D

  • Admin

    @spawn You can check out this video, http://mavnicenter.com/topic/47/mg-snow-answers-questions-about-the-2017-mavni-program. Sorry, I should have been more precise, it is May 2017.

  • @admin I did watch it and like you said the only info we got is May. So where the April comes from ? I just wondering if I missed another video or memo. thank you

  • Thank you for the up to date info. It is really helpful.

  • Hey! Nice to hear that MAVNI will re open, I was already preparing myself to join the foreign legion haha! But listen, I will complete 2 years in the US only in 27 august. I've realized there is just a few vacancies, only 1200 for the army, and only 65 for navy. As Im only going to be ready in august, I'l most likely not be able to join on time? Thanks

  • @Faustob I guess it all depends on when it reopens.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kyle37 said in FY2017 MAVNI Program Updates:

    @admin , @mavniman So, what i got from all across is - It should be open some time in FY 2017 for sure but we don't know when exactly. Right?

  • @kyle37 Yep, that is what the official document says.

  • @admin @mavniman What is 730 days means exactly(From MG Snow latest Video). I didn't understand on what VISA he is talking about.Thanks!!

  • @kyle37 That you can't be in the processing more than two years and if you do that basically means that you will get kicked out and not be able to join.. under that contract

  • @admin @mavniman Hi, do I need to take ASVAB in English or I can choose by using my original language?

  • So a majority of us might not make it because we would have exceeded 730 days?

  • @YVETTE You only can take ASVAB in English.

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