Medical disqualifications for MAVNI

  • First of all, thanks so much for the awesome forum. It really helps alot. Secondly, I understand that mavni 2017 has not opened yet but I am optimistic that it'll reopen for FY-17. I have the following questions and would really appreciate if anyone could answer those. I know MEPS would be the only one to decide but any inputs/thoughts would be really appreciated.

    1. I have had my lasik eye surgery done 5 years ago. I did my research and found that except 3-4 MOS, the other branches do not have issues with it. I dont have any complications at all with my eyes but I'm wondering if this would be an issue? In fact I've heard army encourages and pays for the soldiers to go for lasik.
    2. Do I need a waiver for a violation i.e. "unknowingly furnished alcohol to a minor"? Some years ago, I was charged with this violation when I, by mistake, served alcohol to a minor but the case was dismissed as it was a first offence and no arrests were made. I simply got a ticket and later I even expunged it. I read that people with some higher offenses need waivers and mine looks pretty small. Do I need to disclose this with it being expunged? If yes, would this affect my eligibility to join mavni?
    3. I have a deviated septum but that does not interfere with my daily life at all. I have read 50-401, it says deviated septum for flying duty is disqualifying. Does that mean its ok for other mos's? I do not want to fix it as it doesn't give me any problems at all. Would this be a roadblock?
    4. Would they pull all the medical records? I mean if I had checkups/tests done at any clinic, would they know about it? How about the lasik that was done outside of US?
    5. There are hundreds of medical disqualifications, how can MEPS test a person for all of those? Does it mean if I don't disclose it to them, they wouldn't know at all?(not saying I was going to but just curious).

    I would be reallly greatful if you can help me with these questions. I just want to jump on quickly as and when mavni reopens so just making sure I am all eligible. Thank you.

  • @neh I will try to answer all the questions as far as I know.

    1. As long as you provide medical documents about your lasik surgery, you will be fine. You should get your documents ready if you want to process your application faster when the MAVNI program reopens.
    2. It won't affect your eligibility because it is minor and expunged. You may have to need a waiver. Even if you do, you will get approval. But I don't think you will need a waiver.
    3. If it does not interfere with your daily life, it is not a problem.
    4. They won't be able to pull your medical records because health records are confidential.
    5. MEPS performs the physical exam and that is how MEPS will find out who is disqualified. I recommend you disclose all your medical records to the recruiter. His job is to recruit as many people as possible and he will be on your side to help you enlist in the army. With the experience the recruiters have, they will determine whether you can make or not. You should try different recruiting offices because people have different views from applications.

    I hope the MAVNI program would reopen soon and you could join as MAVNI. :)

  • @mavniman thank you so much for the promt reply. I am now relieved a little bit :)
    As for the LASIK, it was not performed in US but I do have the documents. I'll discuss with the recruiter anyway.

    On a diff note, with the SEVP latest memo, I hope the new security protocol comes in place quickly and that MAVNI reopens for fy-17.
    Thanks again for all the help!

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