any idea when Mavnis enlisted in 2016 will be shipped?

  • Dear Gents,
    Any idea or estimation about when are we going to be shipped to BCT?. I enlisted in March 2016 and was doing drills with my AR unit since then and no idea when my BCT will be!

  • Your shipping date should be on your contact.

  • They keep canceling it whenever it comes closer! now they say nobody know for sure when you will be shipped! I had to quit my job because I thought I will be shipped in October 4th "as my contract says". they told me it will be March 14 at the end of Sept.! after that my recruiter told me even that is not certain it will probably be postponed more!!!.

  • @SPCaljabery Did you have an interview for investigation?

  • Dear Mavniman, thanks for replying, yes a special investigator has interviewed me and all the people that I have listed as references even those who are living in other states. according to the investigator I am good to go, I even offered him to give up my privacy and give them all my passwords for all my accounts and discuss every single contact I have in my phone. but no body has any idea when I can be shipped or what is the new tire of investigation is! is that correct there is a new tire of investigation that no one has designed it yet?
    I am so frustrated and anxious it is really hard time for me !

  • @SPCaljabery I understand it must be frustrating and hard for you. All the MAVNI enlistees are on hold until the new 5-tier investigation is put into a place and I know it seems like endless. I am hoping that the US army would give details soon. Keep your hopes up and I will too.

  • @mavniman what about the 730 days thing is it for active duty only or even for the AR too? Since I am doing drills for about a year now in my unit, r they going to fire me if they didnt finish the investigation in 730 days?!

  • Another question do u guys lost access to the training material on the futuresoldiers website? I cant acces them anymore!

  • @SPCaljabery The 730 days rule applies to both active duty and reserves. Yea, you have to drop your contract after 730 days and I think I still have access to the training material on the future soldier website.

  • @mavniman @SPCaljabery Actually 730 days apply to only AD (active duty), it is unsure when they will announce the countdown for AR (Army reserve).

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