Mavni 2016 delay shipment!

  • Hello,

    I signed US Army reserve contract in march 2016, my shipping date was 22 sep then, for some reason they made it to 23rd Nov, and now my SGT, is saying I might go to basic training in June if not then in 2018. because US Government is planing to include more security protocols to background check. Its been a year almost and still they didn't ship me! I Can't even work don't have work permit! Can someone please tell me when I will get shipped? How can I get work permit? Thanks!

  • @ritu You will get shipped when your investigation is done. Are you on a visa? If you are not, you are eligible for DA to get a work permit.

  • When I signed contract I was on OPT but didn't extend it because my SGT told me, Army would take care of my legal status, so I lost OPT status but I came to US on F1 student visa. I don't know, what is my current status now?

  • @ritu If you are out of status, you are eligible for Deferred Action. When you get approved, you get a work permit. Consult with your immigration lawyer and find your options.

  • @mavniman Thank you for replying, today I called at Military Help
    Line at 877-CIS-4MIL (877-247-4645) and they told me I can apply for Deferred action but it won't provide me work permit, it will just take care of my stay. Would you please tell me how can I get work permit?

  • @ritu Once you get DA, you apply for work permit with the work authorization form,

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