How the spot will be ocuppied?

  • For example, there is going to be 1.200 spots for the army in 2017. People will be enlisted by the best ASVAB score or by arrival order? Whoever come first will take it?

  • Admin

    @Faustob By arrival order. It is first come, first served.

  • @admin so if we suppose it opens on may, and I'l just complete 2 years in the US in 27 august, must likely there will be no spots left for me and Im screwed?

  • @Faustob Nobody knows when it will reopen. It may open in May but it could open in July or August.

  • @mavniman @admin
    Hey Admin! Actually, I've enlisted in Active duty in May 2016. I’m done with ASVAB and Physical but OPI is yet to be completed. However, it was closed suddenly. When it re open for FY 2017, do I need to apply again or is it okay with old application. I do have some register # like that. My question is -5000 slots for FY 2016 has completed already. Is my application goes into those 1200 for FY 2017? If yes, their couldn't be more chance for new enlistees right? Because, there are lot of peoples who are stayed on hold in middle of the process. Thanks.

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