Why they're doing another background investigation?

  • I joined army through MAVNI program 2 years ago and just entered to BCT and graduated OSUT last December.

    I got my citizenship on the day I graduated but they just noticed me there's another background investigation and I can't go to my duty station until they finish it. (I heard it like week before I graduate.)
    I had a battle buddy who's from the Ukraine and he joined army through MAVNI too, but he's in his duty station already but I am a holdover at my training company. I don't know what made a difference between him and me, all I know is his duty station is in U.S but my duty station is in oversea.

    Is anyone's in similar situation or knows when this investigation's going to be end? They told me that they won't take away my citizenship or kick me out from the army and company cadres treats me good but, I'm being anxious and it's not really cool to become a holdover and stuck in the post whole month.

  • @hk343 You're lucky to be essentially done with everything. Most of us mavnis who haven't even started BCT yet are suffering with this major delay in DEP as well as the work permit from USCIS via DA is taking forever. I can repeat what most of the recruiters have told us here, just wait it out and keep following up on reliable sources. Haven't you talked to human resources or something or your NCO

  • @paulmilan I am sorry to hear that... I already talked with my chain of command but even they don't know when it's going to be done. Do you thing delay of my order can be related to the overall delay on MAVNI?

  • @hk343

    MG Snow says in the video, "for security reasons, that investigation isn’t due to be completed until May of 2017. So I wouldn’t anticipate it being open anytime before then." I guess that you will be released from holdover in May when the new investigation is put in place.

  • @mavniman ah... that's terrible but thank you. At least I know how much longer I need to wait now.

  • @hk343 I truly believe so. The backlag has affected everyone under the MAVNI program. I truly feel the OPM overestimated the sheer volume of MAVNI applicants thus affected MAVNI contracts ultimately putting applicants and even soldiers as yourself who have already completed training on an indefinite hold. I feel that they are still consolidating their processing system for background check for MAVNI that is why we are experiencing delays. And at some point they may have panicked and decided to add additional background checks. That is most probably why they suspended MAVNI to address backlag and then they'll reopen along with a more reliable background processing system. We just have to be always prepared for any outcome be it negative or positive. It's basically a waiting game. As of now, military personnel with knowledge over this will tell you to just wait and keep doing what it is that your doing. For DEP soldiers, get DA from USCIS so that you may get work permit while waiting for BCT. Good luck to us all and stay informed. Information is key. Always

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