Does MAVNI still have SSBI? Will it check your original country?

  • Hi guys. I just wanted to ask. I am very scared about the single scope background investigation as I have once quit 2 jobs in my original country without providing a letter of resignation. Another thing is , since I went to the US I completely forgot to settle my phone bill contract , which I could not finish since I was going to the US on an f1 visa. Does SSBI check your original country, or do they just do a background investigation of you within the US? I am not planning to hide anything, as I know how important it is to be truthful to a federal investigator. I guess I just wan't to know if it will matter to them. I am scared to fail SSBI.

    Another thing is, I once read on a post somewhere where Margaret Stock said that MAVNI can no longer aquire a TS clearance and therefore cannot be officers until they finish 2 years ( first term ). Is this true? I was actually really hoping to get a TS clearance because I wanted to shift from the MAVNI contract to a Health Professional Scholarship Program contract , which entails becoming an officer and thus requires a TS clearance. I have heard that this can and has been done, but the TS clearance is needed. Is it true that I cannot apply for a TS clearance immediately after being naturalized as in the past years of MAVNI? I hope this is not the case. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. Thank you so much! And yes, I am aware MAVNI is still closed but there is no harm in planning ahead.

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  • @ArmyDoc23 #1, I don't think federal investigators have access to information in other countries unless it is accessible internationally.

    #2, Please read this document carefully. MAVNI POLICY LETTER.PDF

  • @mavniman Does this mean MAVNIs are not allowed to apply for MOS with TS? Even though it's like 4 years down the line from date of enlistment?

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