Taken Entrance Exams and Medical exams since 2016. Just wating for OPI when it was suspended. Do i have to begin afresh when it reopens???????????

  • Please when exactly will MAVNI open. I am so stress of waiting. I have successfully taken Entrance exams ans Medical exams in 2016. Just waiting for the OPI when the program was suspended. If the program reopen, will i have to retake the medical exams and entrance exams? I am really stressed up.

  • @jaamusa It won't open at least until May according to the Youtube video. And the documents are valid like a year or two, not exactly sure how long but if you took it last year, it should be valid this year.

  • MAVNI is on hold for now. There is a huge back log of people from fiscal year 2016 because of security clearance investigations. Until the backlog is cleared, MAVNI will NOT open. The delay might extend until fiscal year 2018 (October 2017-2018).

  • @FSBan Please do not say that until FY2018 .I'm not a patient person by nature=D

  • @kyle37 It is true. MAVNI right now is restructuring their applicant processing procedures and policies. 2017 MAVNI is on hold because it needs to focus on the current applicants and/or soldiers that have already sworn in and signed contract. Once that issue has been addressed, along with a consolidated applicant processing system, I think they will reopen the program. I heard from people that is may open of May 2017 or August 2017

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