Deferred Action Interview

  • @bale All MAVNIs in DEP who have fallen out of status after singing initial contract at MEPS and applied for deferred action will definitely get called in for an interview after biometrics by the USCIS. The interview will only last about half an hour. This process is to terminate all fraudulence.

  • how long after biometrics did you receive interview invite letter?

  • @qazwsx 10 days after biometrics.

  • @bale Hey thank you for all the information you share. I wanted to ask you that, my college terminated my i-20 due to failure to make tuition payment which means I am out of status from today. I will be applying for deferred action tomorrow. Am I in trouble? Thanks

  • @Sujit Not at all Sujit. Do the necessary paperwork and submit it to the your local USCIS office. First step will be fingerprint and then comes the personal interview. Do keep in mind that each process has its own time frame. Once the personal interview is over, then the officer will remind you that a decision on deferred action will be mailed out to you within ninety days from initial day of application. Please feel free to contact the USCIS if you have not received about a decision on the deferred action. The reason why approval process takes so long is because the application is revised and passed through different levels of USCIS processing to make a decision case by case. In our case, deferred action is pretty much guaranteed thanks to MAVNI. Good luck Sujit, I hope it all goes pretty smooth for you.

  • @bale You are a Friend in fact more like brother. Thank You for the information and wish you all the best. May god bless you and your family. Take Care

  • @bale already did fingerprinting back at Feb 28, 2017. No response yet. But I read from a guy on this site saying it takes 90 days to process DA and another 30 days for work permit.vso I'm looking at around end of June or early July to get my work permit

  • @paulmilan Hey thanks for the information. Can you please tell me if there's any fee to apply for work authorization and what code did you put in "ELIGIBILITY CATEGORY" Question 16 in I-765. All the best and have a nice day, thanks

  • @Sujit I haven't received my DA thus I haven't submitted EAD application. As of now I'm still waiting for my DA approval. I'll be visiting LA downtown office end of this months to check on my DA. I'll be updating here soon.

  • @paulmilan How did your DA application turned out? Did you submit for I-821D with your application? Why didn't you submit your form I-765 concurrently with your DA application, do you have to wait for DA approval first?

  • @bale How did your DA application turned out? Did you submit for I-821D with your application? Does one have to wait for DA approval first before submitting I-765?

  • @hg17 Hi this may be a little late but that form you mentioned is for DACA only. The Deferred Action I applied is not DACA. Anyway I am in the process of submitting additional evidence for my DA case. It took USCIS a while to give me response of any sort, 5 months to be exact. However, I did send a complaint to the ombudsman in and after a month or so USCIS snail-mailed me RFE or "request for evidence" in early August 2017. I am now submitting them tom. Hopefully everything goes well. There are some MAVNIs who have been granted DA. Maryland has some successful MAVNI DA applications and some in the mid to east coast. But not everyone who applied for DA got approved. If anyone isn't part of this MAVNI FB group page yet, here is the link

  • @paulmilan @Sujit Hi all! Have you guys received the deferred action yet?

  • @wait I received a letter from USCIS a month before declining my request for DA.

  • @wait denying my request sorry

  • @wait did your physical expire?

  • @sujit I'm sorry to hear that. I applied over a year ago, did biometrics and I have not received any information.

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