Call your Senators offices all over the US

  • Dear all,

    I called my senator's office and explained my situation as a MAVNI who signed a contract in Jan 2016 and still, as of March 2017 being in DEP. They sent me a privacy act form which I signed so it allows them to do research on behalf of us. Therefore, I 'd like to ask the MAVNI FS all over the US to call their State Senator offices and by doing this we will have the Senate make a decision as long as the DoD is not willing to care about the MAVNI FS. Please explain that "the US Army did not notify us of the life long background investigations upon our contracts. Moreover, the US Army has suspended this program, while we were told that all MAVNIs would be treated as any other soldiers. Last but not least, the US Army naturalizes the DACAs (Childhood arrivals) and a lot of other foreigners specially on ceremonies which goes live on TV. We as the US soldiers do not tolerate any type of discrimination in the US Army."

    Please also spread the word as much as you can. It's very helpful.


  • @68-Wiskey Listen up bro, I am future soldier myself. The delay right now has nothing to do with the DoD. In fact, it is the Office of Personal Management who screwed up. They were given the job to carry out investigations on the MAVNI future soldiers and they screwed up because they contracted to 14 other agencies because OPM had a shortage of workers. This obviously create a huge mess because different agencies performed at different paces. Now the National Bureau of Investigations started changing the system back in September. Now that bureau has implemented a system to finish the investigations, and the resolution is now being encrypted in IT systems, by May at the earliest everything will be figured out. The more entities you try to get involved in this turmoil, the more time it will take to finish the whole process because they will ask for answers and more time will be taken to answer. Resiliency is very important at this time and that's what it is all about in the US Army. So please the best thing you can really do is wait, and trust me it is the only thing we can do right now.

  • My background investigation was closed in August but I still could not ship to BCT due to sudden changes in regulations. You are not right, there are changes implemented by DoD or other higher officials and delay is not purely due OPM investigations backlog.

  • @bale. I do not agree with you. This is so unfair. It's not the enlistees problem but the Army. Those who designed this program and the contracts are responsible for this mess. I asked the SSG who did my paper work at the MEPS that if I need to renew my Visa and they said that I do not need to do so as my contract would cover my status. If they told me that the MAVNI program would end up like this I would not sign the contract in the first place. They gave me a hard time. I think that this whole background check investigation is nothing but an unwarranted excuse. So I strongly suggest to all of the MAVNI fellows to talk to their senators. If nothing happens we all need to sue the Army.

  • @qazwsx My investigation was closed in August just like you. Have you noticed that the information disposed at the Virtual USAREC townhall meeting is not immediately applied on the same day, but only gets official once it is paperbacked to all recruiters? Same thing here. Just because you cleared on August of 2016 and the notice came out in September of 2016 doesn't mean that you were right on time to leave. The OPM issue has been a problem since January of 2016. Please try to read into the whole turmoil at OPM and now the reclassification of material. If you follow closely, I am sure you will find the answers. I know this is hard to conceive but please be objective and not subjective.

  • @68-Wiskey Please feel free to contact the senator. I had already been in touch with my senator months ago and the information I am giving you here is merely a copy of it. The truth is the army needs recruits like us, but it is also the truth that there are certain agendas. If things cut too close with bare minimum results, the army will do everything to protect each and every one of us and to push us through to BCT at that point.

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