Physical requirements for enlistment

  • Hi there,

    I understand mavni is currently closed but I was looking for answers to the following questions so I can prepare accordingly. Anyone who has gone through the mavni process, please answer so others can be benefited.

    1. Since mavni process is slightly different than how a normal US citizen would enlist, how long does the whole enlistment process take i.e. from very first step of reaching out to the recruiter to finally swearing in? It would be great if this can be answered in terms of timeline i.e. step1 with time it takes..step 2 andso on.

    2. Are there any physique requirements i.e. would they measure body fat%, waist inches etc? Or simply body weight will do? I am just at the max weight threshold and was wondering if they let me in if i am just about the max allowed weight?

    3. What are the exercises one is tested with in the physical? I will try to improve in them so I can qualify.

    4. Based on your experience with mavni program since it's inception, when do you think there's a chance for it to open? Fy17 or 18? There was a news from fox that trump too supports mavni so does it mean there are high chances for it to open anytime soon?

    Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to your responses.

    1. The first step would be to verify your valid immigration status to enlist under MAVNI program. This would be done with the form G-845. This can take anywhere from a week to months. Next step would be a visit to MEPS for the ASVAB and physical examination. A scheduled visit to MEPS takes about a week or two. Once you score higher than the minimum and pass the physical examination, you will take the OPI in few weeks to months depending on how busy they are. After you pass the OPI, you are ready to enlist. A week or two later you can go to MEPS to pick your MOS and enlist. After enlisting, you are on DEP status for 6-9 months depending on your immigration status and ship to basic training.

    2. As long as you meet the weight standard, you won't get taped.

    3. You are not doing exercises during your physcal at MEPS. It's just movements / stretches to see if your body is normal and not physically handicapped. You will be doing stuff like trying to balance yourself with one leg, doing the duck walk, etc...

    4. This... is pretty hard to say. Probably no one knows the answer to this question. But it will open someday since many do believe foreigners deserve to serve in the US military if they are willing to put their lives on the line to fight for their new country.

  • @68Wambulance

    Thank you so much for the detailed responses. That really helps.
    Just to follow-up on the first point, it looks like it'll take months before one finally makes it to enlistment. So, at what step is my slot getting locked? In other words, since there is a cap on the slots (1200 or something), what happens if someone else gets through the stages faster than I? Is my slot locked with the first step or after finally swearing in? I just don't want to be told at the last stage that my slot has been taken. Since there will be hundreds of folks in line, I just wanted to understand how the process works so the persons that gets with the recruiter first should be given the go-ahead and not the one who just goes through quickly.

    Thank you again in advance!

  • @neh

    It is first to enlist bases. Your place is locked in once you sign your enlistment contract which is the very last step when you pick your MOS and enlist. Even after this happens... there is a no guarantee that you will ship to basic training due to either Army saying "Nah we don't want MAVNIs anymore" for any random reason or you not passing the background investigation to ship to basic. Remember, even if you ship without completion of the background investigation, Army will kick you out if the investigation returns unfavorable or not enough evidence to make a decision.

  • @68Wambulance

    I really appreciate your responses. Thank you very much again.

  • @68Wambulance Yeah this MAVNI bs is really testing my patience. On the other hand, if they wanted us out they would have kicked us out already. The thing is, MAVNI is going thru some consolidation and restructuring. I am okay with that really. I am willing to wait. But please do not terminate us. It is just not fair to terminate enlistees just because the program is going thru changes. IT JUST ISN'T RIGHT! Extend our contracts and do not terminate us. The military has no reason to terminate enlistees really except for the fact that the enlistment contract has a shelf life. Please if you're a military official reading this, have the f*g balls to do the right thing and help MAVNI enlistees.

  • @paulmilan You are absolutely true. It could be open further FY also. unless they don't open why are they restructuring MAVNI now is my opinion.

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