AILA Quicktake #193: MAVNI Program

  • AILA Quicktake #193: MAVNI Program

  • After watching this, all I can conclude is, even after signing a contract and waiting for almost 2 year, one don't have any certainty that they could get into BCT. This is very disappointing. I know many people who are in severe condition because of this delay. Hope it gets fixed soon. It's been a long wait. If anyone knows anything about what is going to be the decision from inside, please update, it will be a great help for people like us.

  • @Rigam Did you apply DA at least? This will be my last resort. If I don't get shipped to bct at least I can stay 2 more years and work with permit.

  • The attorney said "essentially shut down". Did she suggest that MAVNI will not open any more?

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