is MAVNI program currently suspended or shutdown??

  • is MAVNI program currently suspended or shutdown??

  • @Nandi007 suspended!!

  • Hi!!!

    I am currently an enlisted mavni who's going to be shipped within this year. Based from our recent meetings with our commander, I can confirm that MAVNI as of the moment has been suspended because applicants who are still pending for a background check are being processed or rather being prioritized first before army can take-in new applicants.

    My guess is that MAVNI will reopen late this year or early next year once applicant backlog has been fulfilled. Currently, backlog applicants such as myself are being processed and I can assure you that the program is in motion. It may be slow but it is in motion.

    Understand that most of us have waited almost 2 years for this entire process to be complete. This is the case for us current enlistees because we were in the wrong place at the wrong time when we entered military via MAVNI. MAVNI at that time was bound for an overhaul in terms of applicant screening, and we were smack in the middle of it. But now the sky is finally clearing out and in time MAVNI will accept applicants again. I suggest calling the nearest recruiting office. Internet may only help you so much but talking to an actual recruiter may yield a more satisfying and personal result.

    Good luck and always remember, everything comes to those who wait.

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