Legal status during bg check

  • e.g, Im holding F-1 visa which will expire June 2018. If MANVI reopen this year, and I apply it, then go into bg check, what if bg check takes long time like a year, then my F-1 will expire, will I be covered by any status? or I need to apply another school to maintain my legal status here?

  • hello Mr. coolboy,

    right now MAVNI is looking pretty bleak. They're having a huge problem with the backlog from 2016. Counterintelligence interviews have been cancelled very recently without any reasoning for all backlog future soldiers. It is unlikely that MAVNI will open anytime soon. But in legal terms, you should ALWAYS maintain your legal status no matter what.

  • @coolboy001 you have to maintain your status. The Army wont be responsible if you lose your status. The only moment you don't worry about your F-1 it is when you are already shipped to BCT. Like I said, the Army isn't responsible nor will help you if you lose your status while still going through the process.

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