Unable to commission due to September 30, 2016 DoD memo!!!!

  • Hey Guys and gals,

    I am just so confused right now. Need some advice! So to keep it short, I enlisted in the USAR through the MAVNI program in 2014 and went to BCT and AIT that same year, got my citizenship that same year. The following year was offered an ROTC scholarship by U.S. Army Cadet Command. Now, I am scheduled to commission as a 2LT in December 2017. However, as a prospective officer I need my security clearance to go through. The problem is that with this new DoD memorandum in place, I definitely cannot even have a security clearance initiated. Even more worst is that I have signed a job offer with a government contractor for a position that is contingent on me getting a clearance. Meaning if I cannot get a clearance, the job is out for me. This will put me under serious financial burden. Guys, I am just completely out right now, I cannot even sleep at night because after working so hard for all these years and been close to fulfilling my dream, I cannot even become what I dreamed to be. This honestly feels like a slap on the face. Since this memo came out when I already signed my ROTC contract, I don't even know how it will go from now on, whether I will have to reimburse the scholarship (I was legitimately offered and did my part of the contract ) or I will just be in limbo till my first enlistment is over (that is in 2020 to be more precise). This is honestly a tough time for me and for others in the same situation as me. All we (MAVNIs, in this situation) want is to serve the best Army in the world, period! Any advice on what to do apart from contacting my senator which is what I already did will be very much appreciated. @administrators @Recruiters @Global-Moderators .

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