Question on Deferred Action Application for MAVNI

  • Does anyone know if an enlisted MAVNI awaiting for BCT can apply for Deferred Action prior to the expiration of F1 status, (like 30 days prior). I search, and call all over the place, including the USCIS no one could give me an answer.
    Also, if you have been successful applying for DA please briefly list the documents submitted and the step by step process.
    I'm Married and planning on filing one application for both of us if possible.
    Advice Please.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • According to MAVNI Facebook page:
    "Army Reserve FS are no longer required to apply for and obtain DA if they have lapsed from their previous MAVNI immigration status or if they are unable to maintain their current status.
    Per USCIS; FS that have accessed into the Army Reserve are considered to be currently serving and they do not need any other type of status to be able to ship to training.
    Regular Army FS will still require to be in current MAVNI immigration status or have attained DA to be eligible to ship to training. Ship date will not be determined until all levels of the required investigations have closed, a Counter Intelligence (CI) screening has been conducted and a favorable determination has been rendered"

  • @tep31 thanks for providing some information regarding DA. I'm also aware of the info provided above, yet on the documents provided by the USCIS for DA, it doesn't not mention Army Reserve soldiers are not required to file for DA. At least I was not able to find it anywhere. The whole thing is a little vague. For instance by "not required" do they mean DA is optional AR soldiers or if you apply it will not be granted? What about Reserve MAVNI soldiers family members? What about work authorization for Reverse soldiers that have financial hardship if you don't have DA, can you apply for it anyway? See, I'm not necessarily asking you these questions, but I'm just outlining how loose the terms are. They almost make it impossible to navigate this whole thing without an immigration attorney.

    If anyone has been through the DA process, please let me know how it went and what you did, specially if you file for I-821D. I-821D which is specifically the form for DACA is not mention in the list of document to submit when applying for DA as MAVNI.

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