Pre BCT: N400

  • Hi, I opened the topic to share the experience and to check the status of those who have submitted their N400 while still waiting for background investigation to finish. Thanks

  • @tep31 Is the USCIS still accepting N400? If you are a Reserve Pre-BCT can you submit N400 application?

  • @hg17 , Yes they are accepting. May be they will not process these applications anymore but they are accepting (they sent me a receipt letter after I submitted mine). I also know someone who submitted N400 in January this year and recently naturalized.

  • @tep31 Thanks for replying @tep31 . I was never aware that I as a reservist I could apply for Citizenship prior to shipping to basic. So basically as a MAVNI reservist do you think it is more appropriate to submit a N400 application instead of applying for DA?
    Now if they process it or not is a another thing.

  • @hg17, Actually as you wrote in another thread the process of applying DA is not clearly laid out and although its very clear for DACA applicants I think no one knows how it will work for MAVNI reservists. If I had a problem on maintaining valid status I would have applied for both(DA and naturalization). The application for naturalization under this category should not hamper any other application like DA or OPT as per my understanding. By the by I read in a forum (don't know if it is true or another hoax) that USCIS is processing N400.

  • @tep31 Thanks for you input and contribution in this whole mess that we are all trying to navigate. I just submitted an OPT application, but I think I'm gonna submit an N400 as well, I don't see any downside to it like you suggest.
    Keep up the good work.
    What your current status in this mess? only if you don't mine sharing.

  • @hg17 , not at all :) F1.

  • @tep31 thanks, we are all in the same boat:)

  • Greetings Gents, thanks for taking the time to share ur experience, how can we fill the N400 and do we need our unit approval for that? how can I submit it and under what category? pls, advice?

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