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  • Hi everybody. I came to the US in August 2016 and I am undertaking a Masters program in Aerospace Engineering in San Diego State University. Before my arrival, I have been working for 6 years as a military pilot in the Tunisian Air Force. I graduated in 2010 as a pilot and an engineer. My last rank before leaving the Air Force was Captain. In addition to my leadership and technical skills as an officer, I speak fluently both arabic and french, in addition to the english. I am really motivated to apply for the Mavni program because I feel that my skills are tightly tantamount to what the US military needs. I expect to graduate by May 2018. Can any one tell me if it is possible to submit my papers, if the Mavni program resumes before my graduation, even if the condition of staying in the US during 2 years is not fulfilled? And do I have the right to contact a senator to explain to him my motivation toward the Mavni program? Thank yoy for your answers

  • @abassi Mavni closed. No idea when I'll open again or not.

  • @kyle37 Thanks, I really hope that it is a matter of time, there is no reason that the US military deprives itself from such opportunity to have well edcuated soldiers and with critical skills among its people

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